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Video Relationship Management for Financial Professionals

A secure video collaboration platform where you can create lasting client relationships that connect you to people as you would face to face
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A better way to engage your clients



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Prospect InteractionS


Prospects Connected

$1B +

aum increase

Drive growth, marketing and overall client experience

A state-of-the-art platform for Financial Advisors to connect, convert and close better with personalized video conversations

Increase reply rates by 200-300%

Chasing clients is tough, whether it be a new prospect or existing client - video garners a faster response and 3x higher click-thru rate leading your customer to actually interact with you. Superior customer experience always wins.

30% Increase in Conversions

Increase conversion rate with dynamic landing pages and video, a text-based email or LinkedIn message doesn't stand out or differentiate you in any way. Video is the modern weapon of choice.

Increase referrals

56% of our clients said that video helps building warmer relationships with clients. Personalize anything (videos, landing pages). Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Effortless client communication

Save countless hours spent gathering client communication for compliance, organize all communicate in one spot. Quarterly review with clients, share a recording. Sending birthday greetings - record it.

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Professionals Thrive With Fortuna

Our existing clients have averaged $10M AUM increase in 10 months or less by essentially going door to door on the internet using video

Learn how Jon grew in-person appointments by 70%
Learn from Jon
- Jon McIntosh, Toronto

See how Mike has completely eliminated cold calling.

Learn from Mike
- Mike Miele, Boston

Learn how Jake saves time and closes deals face-to-face.

Learn from Jake
- Jake Stoneburner, Ohio

How do finance professionals use video?

Warmer cold outreach over LinkedIn for ideal client prospects

Follow ups –  boost effectiveness with complimentary touchpoint to current messaging, voicemails or calls

Create one video and share with target account i.e. 401k plans for specific companies

Revive cold leads: people who may have dropped off from the sales funnel give them a personal touch expect 8x increase in reply rate – it’s a blue ocean right now no one is reaching out to them with video

Low cost customer touches (i.e. Greetings: Happy birthday, holidays to build relationships that help stand out)

Record micro-presentations for post-meeting follow up (i.e. record a presentation on the benefits of tax loss harvesting and send it over or how common contributions affect your retirement plan)

Share marketing content with a personalized touch for in-market leads (PDFs, whitepapers) – call to action

Deal progression – sharing insight from webinar, ongoing details post-meeting, meeting recaps

Effortless Video Creation

Create videos that add a human element to your communications with prospects, customers, and coworkers–no video expertise required.

Record your screen, webcam or both in HD

Simple video editing and thumbnail customization

Personalization at scale. Make an impact the first time

Record directly within LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Seamless Sharing & Collaboration

Send videos by email, social, or however else you communicate. Viewers can watch on any device without worrying about downloading attachments.

Send your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Microsoft Teams or Text Messaging

Embed animated video previews into your emails

Share Videos on branded landing pages

Add Call to Actions within your videos and landing pages

Use Effective Call-To-Actions

Adding Call-to-Actions in your video messages to elicit response and action from your prospects or clients.

Easily add custom call to actions

Increase response rates by 56%

Send prospects to your auto-scheduler, website or contact form.

Send current clients information to review or to act on.

Hassle-free Tracking

Know when people watch your videos, and when they click on your Call to Actions. Hassle-free stats to figure out your ROI

Get real time alerts for every video

Track views, unique visits and call to action clicks.

Send your analytics and tracking to your CRM through seamless integrations

On page replies and comments, allows your clients and prospects to communicate with you directly

And that's not Everything

Fortuna360 is built with Security & Compliance in mind

Password protect your videos

+ All your videos can be password protected, so only the intended recipient can view the videos
+ Your clients can access the videos seamlessly with the password only known to them.
+ Avoid the hassle of sending videos to the wrong clients or prospects.

Time based auto-expiry

+ Set your videos to expire after a certain amount of time.
+ After the links expire, videos are no longer accessible.
+ Ensure compliance for time-sensitive information

Compliance Approved Templates

+ Use compliance approved video scripts to minimize risk and ensure adherence to compliance rules.
+ Scripts are visible when recording videos so you can stay on 'script'.
+ Firm wide access to approved templates.

Intelligent Robo-Compliance

+ AI-Powered real time content reviews and approvals.
+ AI system for smarter content control and risk management.
+ Maintain a full history of all approvals and rejections for audit purposes.

Flexible Compliance Integrations

+  FINRA, IIROC, FFIEC Reg Z (TILA), MiFID II & FCA risks in both audio and video.
+ General coverage for GDPR, PII, PCI, CII, and related risks in audio and video.
+ Custom policy options for firm-specific compliance requirements in audio and video.

Compliant Archiving

+ All your data is secured using unique, customer managed encryption keys.
+ Full support for audits, internal or external. Data is available to the firm anytime.
+ Frequent security audits completed by our in-house data security teams.

Fortuna360 is built just for your business!

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